Does Apple Have Nothing to Say?

Today I read a rather good blog post entitled Apple has Lost its Way. It brought up some good points about Apple and their marketing today. I have always loved Apple products, been using a Macbook Pro for years and an iPhone for the last few years, well at least the last three models.

Lately I have been torn and a bit nostalgic for the Apple ads of as few years ago. Below are the 15 ads from the Buy a Mac campaign.

The first iPhone ad, it doesn’t say much but says everything at the same time.

In comparison to the recent Apple ads I really feel like all they are saying is status quo.

The one below I found particularly disappointing. I guess it just didn’t seem cool anymore. Previously the lifestyle being sold was innovative, fun and a bit edgy. The new lifestyle is suburban and typical, still well built but not as cool anymore.

Will it stop me from buying the next iPhone? Probably not. But I do start to wonder if this is the same scrappy, individualistic company I fell in love with or just another big company. A company with quality products but with a non-existent edge.

To end this off I have included my favourite Apple ad campaign, the Silhouette campaign. The brand is edgy, and the ads themselves are selling an image, a way of life. No words were needed just music and a very strong brand, the in white. So what do you think has Apple lost its edge? Is Apple struggling to define itself as a company?



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