#HPXDigital Conference Highlight Meg Button on Influencers


Today I was lucky to be able to take some time off from a busy work week and check out the HPX Digital Conference, part of the Halifax Pop Explosion. It started out very strong with an insightful presentation by Adam Kruszynski, from local marketing agency Revolve, on Creating Innovative Experiences. He spoke about his process for creating innovative experiences with Online projects. Something I found quite useful as the process of a project can make or break the end experience. I also realized (something I already suspected) that we don’t always allow the proper steps to be completed when rushing towards a deadline, something to work on.

Next up was a more technical discussion EMBRACING INSTABILITY: RESPONSIVE DESIGN AS IDEALOGY, by Erik von Stackelberg the Creative Director at Myplanet Digital, out of Toronto. I have long been a proponent of creating web experiences that are not limited to one device and he walked us through interesting theory and reasoning supporting the need for responsive design.

By far my favourite chat of the day came from Meg Button of Star Content Studios, also out of Toronto. She took the audience through the process of using online and offline influencers to marketing products. Moving away from the banner ad to people who through their influence can help the brand reach their audience. She made a very interesting point along the way that most people forget, “Advertising doesn’t sell products. It brings customers through the door and people sell products.” Her analogy was using a car dealership, but it is very true and I think Influencer marketing kinda blurs those lines. A person who you follow online, or know from events tells you about a product. They are acting as both the advertiser and partly the sales person, of course the next step is the sales person if you walk into a physical store to purchase the product. The other thought I had at the end of her talk was on reliability of the influencer. How long will it take for me not to trust the Influencer if they focus their content on brands. A delicate thing to balance, and lots to think about. I will also note she used some fantastic Lichtensteinesque imagery throughout the presentation.

All in all a great way to end the week and a stellar lineup by HPX Digital. To end off below is a video from Shad, playing a free show tonight at Grand Parade in Halifax @ 9 PM.


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