Shopify – Fantastic First Impression

Today I was taking a look at e-commerce platforms online and decided to take a look at Shopify. Wow was I ever impressed when I signed up for a free 14 day trial to play around and create a fictional storefront. I decided to put together a site using a ready to use template, based on a product I have recently been looking for online, a new fixed gear bike. A few things blew me away during my first 5 minutes of use:

  • Ease of sign-up
  • Included template
  • Guess-free CMS
  • Built in SEO

The ease of sign-up was fantastic. Within a few minutes I had a site that looked great with a product created and images throughout the site. The templates that came standard were responsive, with spaces for beautiful imagery and a guess-free CMS. I have worked with numerous content management systems over the last few years and the backend was very familiar, reminding me of a WordPress site but easier to use.

As a marketer I was also very happy to see all of the basic elements for online SEO built into the CMS, no need for plugins starting out. The meta descriptions and page titles can be customized and if you want to dig deeper into more advanced SEO there is a marketplace for plugins. Google analytics can be setup on the site to start tracking and optimizing your site experience and there is a built in blog to start your inbound marketing and built in social sharing to start engaging your customers.

I don’t know yet how much customizing is possible but from my first experience I am very hopeful I have only scratched the surface of the potential. All in all it looks like a great product for a small business that doesn’t have funds to create a custom built e-commerce website. Plus the company is Canadian with its head office in Ottawa, with offices in a number of other major cities.

Shopify from Simple Story Videos on Vimeo.


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