The Naked Brand – A Marketing Documentary worth a watch #marketing

I love documentaries, especially marketing documentaries. Most of the marketing/advertising documentaries that I find are about The Golden Era of Marketing, real Mad Men style overviews of a bygone era. A contact sent me something to check out that broke away from that theme, The Naked Brand.


This documentary looks forward, not in the rearview mirror, and takes the viewer on a journey to learn about engaging customers, creating fantastic product experiences and becoming a truly noteworthy and ethical brand. In 56 minutes you look at the challenge of creating honest marketing that engages customers and creates brand ambassadors. Many people think of marketing as ads that try to convince us to buy something, be that in print, display or online but this documentary looks at other elements that are even more influential and create lasting results:

  1. Creating an environment where staff become brand ambassadors, pretty basic idea but not utilized enough by many companies. – Zappos
  2. Transparency of successes and mistakes and being a part of the dialog instead of reacting to it. – Patagonia
  3. Creating better products and services that create an experience that sells itself. – Virgin Atlantic

These are just a few of the discussion points and a handful of some of the brands that are mentioned in the documentary. Check out a shortened version of the movie below.

The Naked Brand – Truncated from Questus on Vimeo.

To view the entire video you can rent it on YouTube for $2.99 or buy it from the Apple Store , a recommdended watch for all you marketing folks.


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