Yelp for Super Local Small Business Promotion #onlinemarketing #localmarketing @yelphfx @Yelp

Over the last year I have really gotten into using Yelp. For those of you who do not know what Yelp is, it is social network, application, website, focused on sharing reviews of local businesses. It also does a good job at showcasing local parks and various other attractions.  Users can share reviews, photos, check-in and also get lots of perks like:

  1. Yelp parties and events.
  2. Discounts at local restaurants/businesses that partner with Yelp.
  3. Great information on venues based on user reviews. This is the most powerful part of Yelp, for users and businesses alike.

Local businesses have a really great opportunity to use Yelp to their advantage to promote their business, but many are not taking full advantage. There are a few key benefits to local businesses:

  1. A large global user base that use Yelp on a regular basis. Not all users write reviews and check-in but a vast majority use the platform to get information on local businesses, trusting the reviews, and to find new spots when they are travelling.
  2. The opportunity to tap into a Yelp partnership for events to promote their business and/or discount offerings to users that check-in at the business. Many business owners are not aware that they can offer check-in offers which will increase business and also motivate users to post reviews, which will bring new business.
  3. Use the platform. Once you take over your business account you can communicate to Yelp users, complimenting and thanking patrons. Maybe the most powerful tool is learning what you are doing right and what could be improved to grow your business.

Yelp is a powerful platform that can add yet another powerful tool to online marketing efforts. Halifax is a small market that has an active user base. Tourists check Yelp reviews when selecting business to visit, new patrons from around the world. Additionally Halifax has a great local Yelp team, that puts on stellar events, utilizes social media to promote small business and is eager to partner with new businesses. Pretty much a win-win with a bit of effort. Yay to Yelp and local businesses.

Upcoming Yelp events:




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