Frank & Oak – Canadian Online Retail Success @FrankandOak #onlinemarketing #mensfashion

There are lots of success stories in online retailing. One of my favourites is a  Canadian examples that both offers a great product, an easy interface and fantastic customer service.

Frank and Oak

I have been buying clothing from Frank & Oak since the beginning. I first heard of them in an online article when they were starting out and after checking out their website I was hooked. They offered:

  • An affordable product that was high quality well priced.
  • A blog that featured lifestyle reviews that keep me interested.
  • A wonderful selection of both business and casual attire.
  • Spot-on customer service.
  • A compelling loyalty program, the Hunt Club.

In the early days their focus was on quality and price, things have changed a slightly as the years have gone on and the business has grown. They have expanded their offering to accessories, books, and tech products. Prices have risen slightly but when compared to a similar product in retail stores they are still very reasonable priced.

Frank & Oak does a really good job promoting their products online, using:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Online display and AdWords, including remarking
  • Social media.
  • Email marketing, including segmenting messages to appeal to customers based on previous purchase history.
  • Loyalty programs, including free shipping and store credits from each purchase for Hunt Club members. Plus $25 for each new member who signs up using a referral. Give it a go and buy something for $25 off.. 
  • New styles on a monthly basis to keep things fresh.
  • Personal Styling, for those who need a hand keeping stylish.

One thing that could be improved is their engagement on social media. They post regularly on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, showcasing new products but sometimes they just don’t engage as quickly as they should. If you have a customer complaint they respond very quickly but when promoting the brand and the product there is a bit of silence. I truly believe that promoters should be engaged and reached out to, keep the conversation going and create new brand ambassators.

They must be doing something right as I keep buying and they are growing their retail footprint online and with physical stores. Keep up the good work Frank & Oak..


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