Accessible Online Learning to Grow Your Career #careerhack #online education

Following up on my last post which talked about some free and inexpensive training resources to keep you on top of your career, I have another to add to the list. For me continued growth through learning is essential to stay on top of my game.

I recently did a bit more searching online to find some good resources to help with my professional learning and advancement and re-discovered Coursera. The real difference with this resource is they are partnered with top universities across the world. These universities produce online courses that are accessible through Coursera. There is everything from Data Science to English Literature. Plus of course my specific interest Marketing.

Right now they are in growth mode and many of the individual courses are free to take and they do have certificates that are very reasonably priced, around $100 US for a 5 week certificate program. They also offer scholarships for those in financial need, not an official application but you answer a few questions and they provide you with free access to the course and the certificate. Pretty sweet deal for those who want to learn but do not have the financial means.

Some of the courses/certificates that I found quite compelling:

Digital Marketing Certificate – University of Illinois

Certificate in Social Media Marketing – Northwestern University

Marketing Mix Implementation Certificate – IE Business School – I signed up for this course which focuses on Brand and Product Marketing.

Once I finish the certificate I will followup with a full review but after completing the first two modules I am finding it easy to follow and full of wonderful insights. Plus you are tested as you go to ensure your learning progress.


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