Coursera Brand and Product Management Course Reviewed #onlinelearning #careerdevelopment

A few weeks ago I finished up an online marketing course on Coursera. In an earlier blog post I promised that I would follow-up with a review. The course that I took was Brand and Product Management. The experience with Coursera was quite a positive one. The lessons were split up over a 4 week period and the learner needs to spend about 3 hours a week reviewing the course material. Each week end with an online assessment, a passing grade is needed to get to the next week material and earn the certification.
The weeks are split up into the following modules:
  1. Launching new products and the challenge of managing their life-cycle.
  2. Knowing how to communicate your offering: Brand Architecture & naming.
  3. Building your brand portfolio.
  4. Equipping and engaging employees to deliver on the brand promise.

The course covers the basics of developing a product and brand strategy providing insights into quick-wins and long term product development.

The online learning system Coursera uses, works well on the few platforms I tried in on, both PC and Mac, on a number of browsers. You can study during the week at your own pace but the course is timed, which I liked quite a bit because it keeps your learning on track and gives you timed goals to work towards.
Would I take another Coursera course? Yes, definitely! They are well priced, the courses are provided by established Universities across the world and the content is very relevant. Another plus is if you are on a budget, with no extra cash for learning, they have financial assistance available. Which is an easy process to apply for, with only a few questions to qualify the need. Take a look.. Coursera has content covering everything from business, marketing, IT and development skills to history and fine art.

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