City on Fire – Endless Possibilities in Saint John #maritimesuccesses

It seems as if my posts have been less than regular on this blog and my other personal blog over the last few months. Live is busy I guess, but really that isn’t a good excuse at all. I really enjoy sharing successes in the Maritimes, usually focused in Halifax (since I live here) but there are other exciting things going on across the region.

Sometimes it seems that the region as a whole doesn’t share its success as much we talk about our challenges. I came across an inspiring documentary that does a great job in promoting another Atlantic Canadian Port city, Saint John, NB.

The documentary profiles the history of the city, its current transformation and the endless possibilities to grow in Saint John. This is done in conjunction with the experiences of British comedian James Mullinger over the last two years since he has made Saint John his home.

This piece really resonated with me since I have always loved the City of Saint John. Dating myself slightly, I remember driving to the city with my Dad on business trips and the first site as we drove towards the city was a towering Art Deco building on a hill. It made me think of Gotham City, both beautiful and downtrodden. A structure waiting to be re-purposed and restored to its former glory. The once beautiful hospital is long gone, demolished a number of years ago. These memories make me think about the infinite possibilities in the City of Saint John that have yet to be realized. This is the time to make sure those possibilities do not slip by.


Below is the trailer for the City on Fire documentary. Also if this peeks your interest take a look at the full documentary here.



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