Work and Future Goals

Work Experiences Past and Present

Since graduating university, I have gone down a few paths and gained many experiences that have influenced my work ethic and passions. I have lived in a foreign country (South Korea), organized a major music festival (The Ottawa Folk Festival), created and run a charity music benefit (Music for the Cure) in my spare time, successfully been involved in both Business to Business and Business to Customer sales, and have used these experiences to move into the world of traditional and online marketing. Most of these experiences are highlighted on my Resume and LinkedIn profile.

Some achievements that I am quite proud of:

  1. Took, and through a number of re-brand exercises, greatly improving the customer experience on all sites.
  2. Led a project team to select and implement a new Content Management System that has brought new functionality and helped us support integrated marketing initiatives.
  3. Created a social media and email marketing strategy for Eastlink, areas that had been ignored in the past.
  4. The skills I have developed that have allowed me to help identify online solutions to meet the goals of my internal clients.
  5. Success in past sales roles, working through challenges and becoming one of the top sales reps by developing relationships with customers and understanding their needs.

Future Professional Goals

I spend a great deal of time recommending solutions to meet the business needs of my internal clients, helping them achieve their many goals such as:

  • Increasing sales through better customer experience on the web.
  • Decreasing the amount of calls coming to the call centre (setting up online chat and implementing a better support site).
  • Managing the site content and preparing for new campaigns. Accessing the goals and finding solutions to achieving them.
  • Finding ways to engage customers online, creating brand loyalty and providing them with the information they need to make educated purchase decisions. Including developing our social media and email marketing strategies.

These experiences working with many internal clients and outside agencies have given me the ambition to move into an account management role with a company that focuses on digital marketing and creating effective well-designed websites. I will do this by understanding the needs of clients and building elegant solutions that meet their goals with a well-planned user experience.

To help achieve our professional goals, I believe that we should never stop learning. I have set a goal to complete the following courses in the next year:

  1. Integrated Digital Marketing – IAB Canada; Completed √
  2. Google Analytics Certification
  3. Google AdWords Certification; In the Process of Completion
    1. AdWords Fundamentals; Completed √
  4. HubSpot Inbound CertificationCompleted √

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